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Our event catalog is complete collection of major & minor events conducted by Sree Pariwar & Its followers around the globe.

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Sree Parivaar offers a wide variety of special courses on yoga and related topics. Yoga Classes are conducted with individual attention. These classes are conducted under the direct supervision of trained team of yoga experts. Individual attention is given to the students and tailor made yoga sequence are taught according to their ailments and goals that they would like to achieve through the yoga practice. Whether you practice yoga for weight loss, asthma, diabetes or just general health this class is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners from new joiners to advanced yoga practitioners.

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Satya Sodhana Shibir

The sadhana in this shibir is capable of tranforming the life of sadhaks to the higher conciousness in the persuit of truth.

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Pancha Kosha Shudhdhi

The status of an individual being can be understood and analysed with the analytical understanding of Pancha Koshas.

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Acharya Sikshana Shibirs

Those sadhaks who are willing to take part in creating the vision of Sree Parivaar are trained as teachers of Sree Parivaar.

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The organization was started by its founder, Prof. M.S.Rao Guruji, on the day of Guru Poornima in the month of July, 1999 with its first yoga training camp, "Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram", at Hanamkonda city. Later a Charitable Trust was registered on the name of "SREE PARIVAAR" in the month of December, 1999. Since then the organization is successfully marching towards its goal. Dr. M.S.Rao, who is known as Sree Guruji, is a chemistry professor at Kakatiya University, Warangal, A.P., India.He did his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and published several publications in the field of synthetic organic chemistry in national and international journals. He is born in an orthodox south indian Brahmin family.

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Sree Parivaar Motive

Experiencing Anando Brahma is the motive of Sree Parivaar. Its vision is to make every person realize his true self as Satchitananda Swarupa, an embodiment of eternal joy. A joyous person living in richness always has something to offer to the world. Naturally he spreads the ecstacy of joy wherever he steps in. Sree Parivaar offers Yoga Sadhana Shibirs at different levels which enable any individual to attain the stage which is mentioned above

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The basic vision of the organisation is to dedicate itself towards the establishment of Vasudhaika Kutumbakam (A Universal Family) in which every one lives in fullness and happiness.

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The mission of Sree Parivaar is – To create a Universal Family (Vasudhaika Kutumbakam) in which every individual lives with richness, fullness, love and joy.

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Sree Parivaar is dedicated to bring awareness of Ancient Indian Rishi Culture through various spiritual personality development training camps and workshops...

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