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Sree Parivaar is a registered organization offering its services to the society in spiritual path. Sree Parivaar means family of richness. The organization was started by its founder, Prof. M.S.Rao Guruji, on the day of Guru Poornima in the month of July, 1999 with its first yoga training camp, "Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram", at Hanamkonda city. Later a Charitable Trust was registered on the name of "SREE PARIVAAR" in the month of December, 1999. Since then the organization is successfully marching towards its goal.


Dr. M.S.Rao, who is known as Sree Guruji, is a retired professor at Kakatiya University, Warangal, A.P., India. He did his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and published several publications in the field of synthetic organic chemistry in national and international journals. He is born in an orthodox south indian Brahmin family. His parents are sri M.Ramachander Rao and smt. Kamala Devi. His father is an advocate, dedicated social worker and freedom fighter of India.

Shree Guruji, Dr.M.Srinivas Rao, is the founder of Sree Parivaar, a non- profit social service organization. He is a Retired Professor and Scientist, Master of Yoga, Meditation & Personality Development for the past 40 years. He is also a Grand Master of Reiki and Teacher of Qigong with years of Intensive Sadhana and study at the feet of Great Himalayan Masters.

Shree Guruji Conducts various Yoga and Personality Development Trainings & Workshops for Adults, Youth and Corporate Personnel and Professionals throughout INDIA & United States of America.

He also conducted workshops at Harvard, Rutgers universities.