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Advanced Courses

All the advanced courses are offered to those sadhaks who have already undergone the basic Yoga Sadhana Shibir. Advanced courses (except Refreshers’ course which is conducted at the local centre) are usually conducted at Shree Kshetra Ashram, Nidigonda. Generally most of the advanced courses are residential in their nature. For these trainings the participant Sadhaks come to Nidigonda Shree Kshetra Ashram to stay there for the entire period of the course so that they are totally involved in the training and practise sessions. The following few paragraphs explain the nature of the main advanced courses offered by Sree Parivaar.

a) Satya Sodhana Shibir: 

It is a five and half days residential camp. It is a very powerful spiritual personality development training. (include some experiences) In fact this is a 21 days "Satyanarayana Vratha Deeksha".During the first 15 days the participant sadhak is asked to do some required sadhana in his living place. He can do all his regular daily routine as usual along with this sadhana. For the last five and half days the participant sadhak comes to the ashram to stay there and undergo residential training and practice. The sadhana in this shibir is capable of tranforming the life of sadhaks to the higher conciousness in the persuit of truth. Many sadhaks have been transformed to fearless and balanced individuals after they have undergone this course. Usually Guruji himself conducts this course.

b) Mouna Sadhana Shibir:

It is a six and half days residential camp. The profound power of silence and meditation can be experienced by the sadhak in this course. One can reach deep levels of meditation through systematic and thrilling meditation processes. The entire being of the sadhak is cleansed thoroughly through these practises. Usually Guruji himself conducts this course.

c)Dyana Sadhana Shibir:

Is a spiritual Retreat. It is a retreat based on Yogic discipline, spirituality and meditation. During the retreat there will be practice of various yoga postures, different types of breathing exercises and relaxation methods to control the body and mind to prepare for meditation. Mediation is the continuous awareness of the Divine presence and the activity of the Divine. In order to remain in continuous awareness of the Divine presence we need proper control over the body and mind. The  retreat is a training to attain mastery over the mind and body as a preparation for meditation

d) Kivalya Sadhana Shibir:

This helps the Yogi (one who practices yoga) to understand the feelings after attaining Samadhi (ultimate bliss). In this state there is neither sorrow nor happiness, there is only contentment and peace.

e) Refreshers' Course: 

It is conducted as a one day camp from morning to evening on a weekend holiday. Refreshers' Courses are conducted in almost all centres. The sadhaks who have undergone the basic course come here to refresh their theoratical as well as practical knowledge. Every sadhak is suggested to attend a refreshers' course once in a month. Few new techniques are taught in each refreshers’ course alongwith reinforcing the practises that they are already learnt in the basic course.

Note: Sadhaks who are interested in attending any of the above courses can contact the Sree Parivaar Kendra through phone or e-mail.

For interested sadhaks, depending on their eligibility, more advanced courses are also offered by Guruji..