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Ayurveda Healthy Secrate

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practice of India. Many indian sages (Maharshis) discovered the secrets of Ayurvedic medicine with their relentless penance and research for hundreds of years. They have taught the mankind a wonderful and powerful way of life by adopting which one can live happily for total life span of hundred years. Ayurveda essentially means ahealthy way of life style.

Ayurveda tells us about when to getup in our daily life, when to sleep, when to eat and what to eat; all of which are part of our life style. Whoever follows Ayurveda way of life will lead a happy and healthy life. Our Maharshis have included these Ayurvedic principles of life as cultural and religious practices and customs of our indian heritage. Unfortunately present generation is considering all these valuable principles of art of living as unscientific blind beliefs and started adopting poisonous foreign culture. As a result of this, they are suffering from many diseases.

Since times unknown, our ancestors have been practicing and advocating getting up at 4 O’clock in the morning and completing the morning routine nature's calls and then attending professional activities. In the same manner they used to finish all activities for the day by 7 or 8 O’clock in the night and go to bed. This is a simple and healthy way of life. Every one of us know in theory that early to rise and early to bed is healthy way of living. Unfortunate fact is that the present day man is not practicing this simple principle. In this mechanical era, people are awake till very late in the nights due to their various pressing activities and they wakeup late in the morning long after the sun rise. This is an unnatural way of living. All other living beings, except man, sleep soon after the sun set and getup along with the sun rise. That is why they live a healthylife.

For the past 50 years, use of chemical fertilizers in place of natural and organic fertilizers has been alarmingly increased in the farming. As a result the soil is drastically contaminated with chemicals and toxic materials. The food materials which are grown in such conditions naturally contain the toxicity and this becomes a major cause of many diseases.

Another devastating effect of these chemical fertilizers and pesticides is the pollution and contamination of the ground water. The chemicals used as fertilizers and pesticides seep into the ground along with the rain water and contaminate the ground water. This results in toxic drinking water. The pollution of the atmosphere, caused by the smoke that is coming from large number of locomotive vehicles, is another cause of harmful effects. Thus the food that we eat is toxic, the water that we drink is toxic, the air that we inhale is toxic. As a result the total being is getting more and more toxified day by day. The man is becoming poisonous physically and even mentally. Hatred, envy, cruelty are increasing day by day. These are the direct and indirect causes for present day diseases like paralysis, diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer, astma, skin diseases etc. About 50 years back these diseases would be seen in one or two percent of the adult population. But now these diseases are seen in 60-70 percent of the adult population. If this continues, even the infants may become common victims of these terrible diseases in near future.

Ayurveda way of life is the only effective and natural solution to come out of these critical calamities. How to prevent the diseases, what precautionary measures have to be followed and if the disease attacks how to cure it - all these aspects are dealt very meticulously in Ayurveda. Ayurveda tells that it is always better to prevent the diseases rather than allowing the disease to attack and run for the cure later on. Ayurveda also emphasizes that the medicines used in the treatment of a disease should not become a cause for another new disease due to its side effects. This is a main principle of the philosophy of Ayurvedic treatment.

Today, the effect of unnatural western culture adoption and monopoly of allopathic medicine has become the major cause for the fact that 90% of the Indians suffering with some ailment or other. Ayurveda, a part and parcel of our ancient indian education and culture, is slowly disappearing. Ayurveda is the best solution for the problems that we have observed so far. Slowly the world is recognizing this truth. Those who once laughed and criticized at our culture and customs are now starting to recognize the rationality and scientific background of all our customs and practices. Those countries who have been exporting allopathic medicine to our country are now importing the Ayurveda technology with trust and respect. Many countries are now importing Ayurveda medicinal plant materials and using them very effectively.

Entire world has now recognized the science behind the indian culture and customs. That is why they are competing and running after the patent rights for cow urine, neem tree, turmeric etc. The complete secrets of life are embedded in plants. Totalhealth maintenance is possible with simple indian kitchen ingredients. Chronic diseases that are not cured with lacks of rupees can be easily cured with the Ayurvedic medicines available in and around our home. Sree Parivaar has been propagating all these facts in every village and every house, thereby marching towards their vision of creating totally healthy villages. In order to manifest our vision of offering services towards creating healthy and wealthy villages, Sree Parivaar is combining the technology of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Here, let us recollect the sayings of our great indian sages - “Ayurveda has no roots without Yoga and Yoga has no fruits without Ayurveda”. Thus Ayurveda and yoga are intermingled systems of life which always go together to be effective.

If the man understands the medicinal value of plants available in different seasons and uses them wisely, he can protect himself from all major diseases. Many of the indian festivals are linked to the medicinal plants that are available in that season. Our Ugadi festival is celebrated in spring season when neem tree flowers. The flower buds of neem tree are used in ‘Ugadi Pachchadi’ which is eaten by every family member as a custom of the day. If we make chatni powder from neem flower and mix a spoon full of the powder along with cow ghee as the first morsel of every meal, we will never get any disease in our life time. B.P., sugar, excess cholesterol, cough, skin diseases etc., can be very easily avoided with this simple formula. In the same manner we can make chatni powder with chennangi leaves which also has a lot of medicinal values. It saves us from astma, cough, cancer and filaria. We can use these two chatni powders alternately for a change in taste. Neem flowers and chennangi leaves can be combined and used to prepare another variety of chatni powder. In this manner each plant has its own miraculous medicinal powers.

Our culture and customs have given a very special importance to Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum) plant. Every Hindu household grows this plant in front of their houses. Tulasi is Sarva roga nivarini, ie.,omni curative medicinal plant. Scientists have done lot of research on this plant and they could find hundreds of medicinal components in the different parts of the plant. Hindus perform daily ritual pujas and pradakshinas to Tulasi plant. Tulasi leaves are used as prasadam in temples. Thulasi teertham is considered to be very pious. In fact these plants are not particularly confined to any one religion. They are the gift of nature to all the mankind. The tulasi leaves have wonderful detoxifying effect. Hence if we use at least three to four tulasi leaves in our food preparations like rasam, sambar etc, it detoxifies the entire food that we take. If we add few thulasi leaves in the water that we drink, then the polluents that are present in the water can be countered. It acts as an antidote to many toxic materials. In this manner when we unravel the secrets of each of the medicinal plants that grow in and around our own house and use them wisely, we can prevent almost all the ailments and live happily throughout our life.