• Sri Guruji's M. S Rao classes are taking place in NEW JERSEY , USA from Nov 16th, 2018.
  • Sri Guruji's M. S Rao classes are taking place in California, USA from December 15th, 2018.
  • Classes by Raveendra bapuji at Ibrahimpatnam,Telangana state,India. Evening batch 27-1-19,6pm to 9 pm (T.R.R School)
  • New batch starting from 27-1-19 at Rock town, L.B.Nagar.conducting by Ravi Bapuji . Evening 6pm to 9 pm.

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2018-01-02 10:01:38

Bhajan is a wonderful way of expression of ones devotion towards the God. We find that when bhajans are sung in sadhana ...

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Story Corner

2017-12-26 10:45:49

The moghul Emperor, Akbar, was one day out hunting in the forest. When it was time for evening prayer he dismounted, spread...

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Recipe of the month

2017-12-13 10:43:28

Beetroot Laddoorequired ingredients: Beetroot, Bombay rava, Ghee, Sugar, Elaichi, Chashew Nuts. Preparation: Peel off and grate....