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Main Events

Guru Pournami:- Guru Pournami is a main festive event for all the spiritual seakers throughout the world. This festival is celebrated on a full moon day during July-August months. All the sadhaks, volunteers and teachers of Sree Parivaar celebrates this day with enthusiasm and devotion. Satsangs, bhajans, Guru-Geeta chantings are performed on this occasion at all the active centres of Sree Parivaar.

Sree Parivaar Maha Mela:- Sree Parivaar celebrates a grand get together function every year on the eve of Maha Sivarathri. Usually the programme is conducted for three days including the day of Maha Sivarathri festival. Thousands of sadhaks from all the centres of Sree Parivaar come to Nidigonda Ashram to stay there and participate in the celebrations. During these three days several wonderful programmes like Shatha Chandi Yagam, cultural activities, public meetings, annadana, various poojas including Shiva Kalyanam and Rudrabhishekams on the Siva Rathri night, kumkumarchanas, sahasranamarchanas are performed. During these days several social service programmes like health camps, blood donation camps, clean and green programmes etc., are also performed. General public including those who live in nearby villages come in large numbers to take part in these programmes. A traditional festival atmosphere(jatara) can be seen at the ashram during these three days of Sree Parivaar Maha Mela.

Chandiyagam:- Every year on the eve of Siva Rathri a Shatha Chandi Maha Chandiyagam is performed at Nidigonda Ashram. Hundreds of devotee couples come to the Ashram to participate in the Chandi Homam. Thousands of people come to visit the Chandiyagam. They love to stay there and take the prasadam of the yagam. The yagam is performed for the welfare of the entire world. Sree Parivaar invites one and all to be part of this great pooja festival.

Guruji's Birthday:- Guruji's birthday is celebrated by all the sadhaks, volunteers and teachers of Sree Parivaar on 12th March every year. The day is marked with several satsangs, social service activities, cultural activities etc., at their local centres.

Kreeda Yoga:- Participating in engrosing games is a powerful method to clean the mind and body. We have adopted this technique as Kreeda Yoga in all our training camps. We are able to achieve amazing therapeautic results with these Kreeda Yoga sessions.

Ananda Yoga (Joy Therapy):- Anando Brahma. Eternal happiness is the ultimate knoledge. When an individual experiences happiness and ecstatic state of mind, majority of the diseases simply wanish. Hence we strongly beleive that all the trainings and practices should provide a sort of joy therapy to the sadhaks.