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Rural Development

Sree Parivaar organization has taken up rural development activities as a part of its vision. Several types of service oriented programmes are regularly conducted in many villages in the Warangal district. Few of them are: Health and Ayurveda awareness camps, adult education programmes, clean and green programmes, general awareness programmes for farmer communities, satsangs, grama sabhas etc. With these programmes the organization has been proceeding with its main vision of "Service to mankind is Service to the God".

All the Great Saints, Masters, Swamijis, Babas, Incarnations have given the same divine message to the world which essentially means that service to mankind is the highest spiritual activity. According to all these great souls, the society is the real temple and the people are the very Gods. They proved that serving the society and the people is equivalent to serving the God. With the divine blessings of all those Great Souls as well as the divine instructions of our beloved Guruji, Sree Parivaar is proceeding with the rural development activities.

If we observe the Indian villages, we invariably see that all most every family is suffering with some sort of mental or physical problems. Many of them are the victims of undiagnosed chronic diseases. They are spending large part of their earnings towards hospital bills, in vain. Ultimately many of these families are left penniless because of these problems. In order to provide very effective solutions to these health oriented problems in rural societies, we are advocating Ayurveda practise in every home. We are teaching the villagers how we can get rid of many of the diseases with the help of simple kitchen ingredients and medicinal plants which wildly grow in the vicinity of our own home.

We have to recognize and accept one fact i.e.; most of the diseases that we are suffering with are caused because of: Our forgetfulness and negligence towards our Indian culture and adapting the western culture blindly. To counter this practise we are conducting awareness camps in every village where we make the villagers to understand the greatness and highly meticulous scientific values of our culture, so that they shift their life style towards healthier and natural ways. We are getting lot of encouragement and inspiration with the positive response and results obtained in these awareness camps. We are proceeding with a firm commitment and sathsankalpa, hoping that the present villages can be converted into future healthy villages as soon as possible.

As a part the vision of Sree Parivaar, we have adopted a small village (Mallikudurla) in Warangal district and started to implement our schemes in the village. Apart from the rural development programmes mentioned above, we are constructing a Sri Rama Temple ("Sree Parivaar Ramalayam") in the village in order to inspire the villagers towards spirituality. We also want to develop a common spiritual platform for all the religions in the village in order to bring up religious harmony. The villagers have showing a lot of interest in all these programmes. They have donated about 3,500 sq. Yards of open plot within the village for the construction of the temple. In that land along with a temple we want to grow certain Ayurveda medicinal plants for the use of the villagers. We want to maintain a Gosala also in the same land. Our vision is to develop the village into an ideal village in terms of health and wealth and make it an inspiration to develop many such villages in future.

Our Indian culture is like a Mother culture to all other cultures in the world. If we understand and adopt the importance and greatness of our culture in our lives, we can live happily and healthily throughout our lives. The entire world is now recognizing the greatness of our culture. One of our ancient spiritual practices has been the Agnihotra. When Agnihotra is performed in the house every day, the inmates of the house will never suffer from any mental or physical problems or ailments. Burning of cow's ghee, cow dung and other ingredients in the Agnihotra will create a special smoke , which possesses enormous amount of medicinal values. This smoke can kill the bacteria and eliminate most of the toxins and poluents prevailingin the atmosphere, thus cleaning it. This smoke is also helpful in balancing the environmental disorders and bringing timely rains. The ashes that are left in the Agnihotra are also having high medicinal values. Many scientists from all over the world have done lots of research on the effects of Agnihotra. The out come of these research works is amazing and astonishing.

Another important thing is: The cow has been given a very high position in our culture. The cow is considered as a motherly being next to our own mother. We call the cow as the ‘Gomatha’. Vedas say that every house must have cow. The presence of cow in the house brings prosperity in every walk of human life in that house. The cow has power to bring physical, mental, economical and spiritual prosperity to human being. Wherever the cow is respected all the sufferings vanish and prosperity prevails. The medicinal values of cow urine and cow dung are very well known to the world through several medical research groups. That is why there is so much of competition for getting patent rights for cow urine. All that is narrated here is infinitesimally small when compared to the real value of the cow. We have taken up the great mission of explaining the value of the cow to the villagers and inspire them to maintain Goshalas in villages. We hope that this mission will revitalize the Indian culture in our villages.

In order to manifest our vision in villages, we are establishing “Sree Parivaar Sadhana Seva Samithis” in villages with the cooperation of our yoga sadhaks in those villages. Our volunteers and sadhaks take-up various voluntary service activities like clean and green programs in the villages, creation and maintenance of roads in the villages, through these Sadhana Seva Samithis. Sree Parivaar has been continuing with these activities in about 45 villages with the blessings and able leadership of our esteemed and beloved Guruji.

Sree parivaar is also conducting following programs:

  1. Blood Donation Camps
  2. Free Education to Poor People
  3. Annadanam Programs
  4. Social Forestry Tree Plantation Camps
  5. Natural Calamities like Floods etc.
  6. Volunteering at Spiritual Gathering