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Teachers Trainings

Acharya Sikshana Shibirs (Teachers' Trainings):-

Those sadhaks who are willing to take part in creating the vision of Sree Parivaar are trained as teachers of Sree Parivaar. These teachers’ training camps are conducted from time to time in different levels for eligible candidates. The following are few main Teachers’ Training Camps

i) Phase-I Teachers' Training-

Phase-I Training is given to those sadhaks who have completed their basic Yoga Sadhana Shibir and interested to offer their services as teachers. Phase-I Teachers' Training Shibir is a completely residential Programme which is conducted for 15 days duration.

ii) Phase-II Teachers’ Training-

Phase-II Training is given to those interested candidates who are successfully taking classes for the first one week programme (Swasthya Siddhi Shibiram) of the basic Shree Pariwar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram. They are given training in deeper understanding about the spiritual sadhanas and techniques.

iii) Kishora Yoga Sadhana Shibir Teachers’ Training 

This is a special training programme given to interested and eligible Phase-I teachers. In this the teachers are trained in conducting Children’s Yoga Camps which are called as Kishora Yoga Sadhana Shibirs. These training are given during children’s camps so that the trainee teachers are trained in a practical manner.

Apart from the above mentioned teachers’ trainings, some advanced teachers trainings are given to well experienced and eligible candidates to conduct advanced and special events and camps.