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Team of Sree Parivaar

Trust Members

Sree Parivaar Trust was started in December, 1999 with five trust members. Now there are seven trustees in the organisation. The trust is the administrative body which takes and approves all the policy matters of the organization. Few of the details of each trust member are as follows:

  1. Sri P. Sadasiva Rao - President , Sree Parivaar Trust
    Profession: Senior Advocate, Warangal
  2. Smt. G. Usha - Secretary, Sree Parivaar Trust, Warangal
    Profession: Fulltime Service to SreeParivaar Activities
  3. Sri J. Pentaiah Chary, Treasurer, SreeParivaar Trust, Warangal
    Profession: Business, Warangal
  4. Sri T. Janardhan Rao, Member, SreeParivaar Trust, Warangal
    Profession: Retired Professor in Kakatiya University
  5. Sri T. Ramadasu  Member, SreeParivaar Trust, Warangal
    Profession: Engineer, Industrial Department
  6. Sri M. Sri Ranganath, Member, SreeParivaar Trust, Hyderabad
    Profession: Engineer in SBI Bank
  7. Sri P. Jalapathi, Member, SreeParivaar Trust, Hyderabad
    Profession: Professor in Osmania University
Active Teachers

In our organisation about 50 - 60 teachers are actively involved in various activities at present. They operate as a disciplined and dedicated unit. Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibirs, Refreshers' Courses, Satsangs, Melas and various social service activities are being conducted regularly through our organisation due to the committed and dedicated efforts of these active teachers. The teachers operate in different levels such as Initiators, Reiki Masters, Acharya Sikshana Shibir Teachers,Sthithi Sadhana Shibir teachers, Kishora yoga sadhana shibir Teachers, II phase teachers, I phase teachers etc. Few of the Senior teachers of our organization are as follows:


1) Pujya Shree Guruji, M.S.Rao,
2) Shree P.Ramadasu garu,
3) Shree P.Ravi Bapuji garu.

Under Training

1)Shree S.Raghavulu Bapuji
2)S.Suresh Bapuji

Reiki Masters

1) Pujya Shree Guruji M.S.Rao,
2) Sri K.Ravindra Bapuji garu.

Acharya Sikshana Shibir Teachers

1) Pujya Shree M.S.Rao guruji
2) Mathaji Shyamala garu
3) Shree S.Ramesh garu

Sthithi Sadhana Shibir Teachers

1) Pujya Shree M.S.Rao guruji
2) Sri P.Ravi Bapuji
3)Sri K.Ravindra Bapuji

Various activities of our organization are strongly supported by the loving and dedicated involvement of thousands of volunteers. Most of the volunteers are the sadhaks who have undergone the basic course. The volunteers work together like members of a single family, inspire each other and inturn support the activities of the organization.