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Every year in the diwali season (September and October) amla is available. Amla is one of the three ingredients of thriphalas. Amla has a capacity of balancing Vata and Pitta and thereby it maintains the overall healthIf we put few amla pieces in the drinking water, we can avoid diseases like b.p., diabetes. Once in a weak if we soak the amla bark in water for few hours, macerate the bark and use the resulting paste for applying it on face, head and body and finally take bath after one hour, the hair and skin shine and their beauty is enhanced and maintained. Skin loosening and wrinkles on the skin are cured by this simple and cheap process. The eyes get cooling effect and one can even avoid spectacles with this practice. In this manner many fruits and plant products possess wonderful medicinal values.
Now, let us summarize the simple Ayurveda life style that we have discussed so far in the following
few points:

  • Every day in the morning one has to getup at 4 am in the Brahma muhurtam. After getting up one should drink water in which Thulasi leaves and Amla pieces are soaked then attend the nature’s calls.
  • Afterwards one should do yoga and other suitable exercises.
  • Then it is appropriate to take lunch between 9 to 10 am. One should avoid taking tea, coffee and tiffins before such lunch . This way the digestive secretions which are active during the morning time are properly used. Hence one should only take direct lunch instead of any other fast food a priori.
  • Again in the evening the dinner should be taken in the form of chapathi or light meals between 7 to 8 pm.
  • Those who are suffering with ailments or those who are over forty years of age should avoid using excessive oily preparations. It is better to prepare roti without oil. Wheat or jowar or sajja flour can be used for preparing healthy roti.
  • There should be at least 10 hours gap between two meals. That means only when the earlier meal is completely digested, one should go for the next meal. If we do not follow this principle we will suffer with gastric and other digestive system problems. If one is involved in hard physical labor or one experiences hunger in the day time, one can take easily digestible light tiffin or fruits or fruit juices in the afternoon time.
  • When we follow these healthy food habits, the food that we eat is completely digested and converted into appropriate life energy that is required for the healthy living.
  • The food that is cocked for morning meals should not be taken in the evening. In the same way the food that is cooked in the evening or night should not be used in the next day morning. Hot rice should not be mixed with cold curries or hot curries should not be mixed with cold rice. This unhealthy practice leads to unbalancing effects in the digestive system and there by creating digestive disorders like acidity and other gastric problems.
  • One should not go to bed immediately after meals. There should be at least two hours gap between the meals and sleep. If one sleeps immediately after the lunch or dinner, this habit leads to many digestive disorders.
  • One should not drink stomach filling volume of water immediately after meals. At least one hour gap after meals is required for taking large quantities of water. Otherwise the digestion process does not take place properly and improper digestion leads to many diseases.

If we observe all the above simple but valuable Ayurveda life principles which require very small and worthy changes and adjustments in our living habits life style, we can be rest assured of a healthy and energetic life. Though the nature has given us innumerable secrets for healthy living, our ancient sages could unravel few thousands of such secrets through their penance and research. They passed on these secrets to us in the form of our culture and customs. Out of them we have described here a very few simple and easily adoptable points. We wish this will inspire you to focus on the Ayurveda life pattern and adopt it in your daily life so that the your lives become healthy and happy.