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The basic vision of the organisation is to dedicate itself towards the establishment of Vasudhaika Kutumbakam (A Universal Family) in which every one lives in fullness and happiness. Sree Parivaar is dedicated to develop every individual to a state of self realization through personal sadhana, truthful living and service. Through spiritual sadhana and awareness an individual can attain elevated personality in physical, mental, social, economical and spiritual fields. Experiencing Anando Brahma is the motive of Sree Parivaar. Its vision is to make every person realize his true self as Satchitananda Swarupa, an embodiment of eternal joy. A joyous person living in richness always has something to offer to the world. Naturally he spreads the ecstacy of joy wherever he steps in. Sree Parivaar offers Yoga Sadhana Shibirs at different levels which enable any individual to attain the stage which is mentioned above.

Mission:-Sree Parivaar means‘Family of Prosperity’. The mission of Sree Parivaar is – To create a Universal Family (Vasudhaika Kutumbakam) in which every individual lives with richness, fullness, love and joy. To include every being into its fold barring all physical and social limitations and to share its joy, love and prosperity with one and all.

Objectives:- Sree Parivaar is dedicated to bring awareness of Ancient Indian Rishi Culture through various spiritual personality development training camps and workshops. Sree Parivaar offers various spiritual Sadhana and Yoga Training programmes which make an individual healthy both physically and mentally. 
The organization is dedicated to offer its services towards various social service activities.
The Organization is dedicated to Rural Development Programmes, particularly focussing in the fields of social awareness, personality development trainings, literacy and health care in villages.