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Yoga and Personality Development

Yoga and Personality Development Camps: Sree Parivaar conducts various Yoga Therapy camps in different levels. The following are few of the main training and service activities the organization at present.

Basic Course - "Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibir" : The basic course is called as "Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibir". This training has been designed to overcome physical and mental ailments effectively, which are very much part of now a day's mechanical life. This basic 21 day camp constitutes training and practice sessions for the overall cleansing and rejuvenation of a total individual. On the whole, this Shibir touches, soothens and heals every angle of human life. From health point of view, diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Ulcers, Migraine, Insomnia, Obesity, Allergies, Heart Ailments, Neurological Ailments, Arthritis etc., can be relieved very easily and efficiently through this sadhana. It is a boon to those who want to get rid of life threatening addictions like smoking, alcoholism, drug addictions etc. This sadhana increases the memory power in students, creates leadership qualities and harmonious human relationships in family and in society. Whatever work or job one does, this sadhana enables one to extract unending happiness in that work or job. In a nutshell we can define this course as an essential basic training for developing the Art of Living. This is a three week long course given in three parts. All the three parts of the course are described in short in the following few paragraphs.

Swasthi Siddhhi Shibiram:The first eight days of the Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibir is called as Swasthya Siddhi Shibiram. In this training, every day one class is conducted for two and half hours either in the morning or in the evening in which various pranayama, meditation and health protecting techniques are taught and practiced in an easy to learn and experiential methods. On the last day of this health camp powerful and subtler than the former. Various meditation practises have been prescribed to keep the Manomaya kosha clean and pure. In fact meditation is the best and most effective way to maintain the mental health. During the 21 days of Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram several powerful meditation techniques are taught.

Vigyanamaya Kosha:  Vigyanamaya kosha is the intellectual body of an individual. The intellectual understanding regarding each and every aspect of life and nature must be proper and meticulous in order to keep oneself healthy and peaceful. We know that a simple misunderstanding sometimes brings disastrous depressive psychosis. When we acquire approriate intellectual understanding regarding the nature's truths, we can avoid many of the mental and physical problems. To develop a clean and powerful Vigyanamaya Kosha, appropriate personality development sessions, workshops, seminars, counselling sessions and highly specific meditation techniques like Samadhi Meditation are taught in Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibiram.

Anandamaya Kosha: Anandamaya Kosha means the body of joy and happiness. When the first four koshas are kept clean, pure and healthy by practising prescribed spiritual techniques, the Anandamaya Kosha gets opened and the individual experiences eternal bliss.This is the state which any yoga or spiritual sadhak would aim at. Any dirt in the other four koshas makes an individual to loose his ananda. Sree Parivaar Yoga Sadhana Shibir provides all various joy therapy techniques to open the Anandamaya Kosha.